Wall Printing Machine :

Machine Specification:
Vertical Wall Commercial 3D Plotter Wall Printer Mural Art Printing Machine Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing quality life and individualized life. They want to decorate their surroundings according to his/her personal interests. Our Wall Inkjet Printer was invented and satisfy this demand. And it can make the various wall decoration needs come into true without professional stylist, designer involved in. Any kind of picture you can imagine, our machine could print it on the wall directly. Just input the picture into the laptop. Then, the machine operator could produce time saving and high efficiency first-class painting pictures on different kind of walls, and meet customers’ expectations without a large wall painting team required in the past. Advantages: 1. Stable, high efficiency, low cost
With fiber driver, two ultrasonic sensors, original integrated circuit chips, add Integrated Voltage Regulator and ink heating program, encoded motor, all those improvement make our printer more stable and high efficiency. Average cost is less than USD1 for per m2 painting, with ink consumption of ~8-12ml/m2. 2. Wide market prospective
Family TV setting wall, sofa setting wall, bedroom, dining room, children room, corridor, porch, staircase wall, hotel, club, plaza mural company, corporate image, kindergarten drawing, hairdressing hospital, shopping mall, government propaganda pictures, etc. 3. Unique, novelty, individuality
Our machine is one kind of ink jet printers, which can completely replace the traditional manual painting. Any pictures can be available, just input it into the laptop, then the picture can be directly painted on various walls. (Machine related data may change due to continuous product/model upgrading.)

Machine Link : https://www.alibaba.com/