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Tandoori Chai”s tandoor is Made from special kind of Natural clay. With the help of natural clay Tandoor you can get Original clay smell with attractive fragrance. There are 30-35 Pieces of natural clay kullads can be kept inside the tandoor. To see and to take an original taste of clay flavour is one kind of rejoice.

Additional Information

Item Code TC150
Delivery Time 2 Days From Order
Production Capacity 30
Packaging Details Paper box packing

Link: www.indiamart.com


  • Dimension: Cup: (H * Dia) = (2.5 * 2.5) Inch,Capacity 100ml(3.8 oz)
  • Material: Clay.Package Quantity:1 Set(Note: Set of 6 Kulhads ) + 2pc Free Ceramic Tea Cup
  • First roast kulhads in a pre-heated tandoor(for commercial) / gas(in home) & pour semi-cooked tea into the extremely hot kulhads.Let it bubble over & once done, the chai gets a smoky flavour.
  • Tandoori Chia : “In this unique tea-making process.You can make in home and serve to your Relatives/Family/Guest
  • Drinking hot tea in plastic cups can cause diseases as deadly as cancer and to help curb this problem.

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