Mobile Charging Locker | Business idea

1) High quality: steel materica treated with spray process ( any color powers);
2) Storage function: available in 6 ,10 or 12 compartment;
3) Charge function: the main Body has 2 main workplaces:
(1) One workplace is used for charging the phones;
(2) The other workplace is used by administrator to check and maintain the facility.
4) Cell phone charging station can be surface mounted on wall or Stand in the ground (need a pedestal)
or place a table…;
5) OEM orders are welcomed. Customer’s logo is available.

2.Safe Module
1) the earth leakage protection test ;
2) prevent overcharged technology;
3) high current protection technology.

3.Different Choice
1) we have many different power plugs for your choice.
2) the lock,color can be customized according to your requirements.
3) the universal usb cable apply for all kinds of mobile phone.

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