Business idea | Hawai Chappal Manufacturing


This is one the most profitable business because Chappal is the product which has demand most the Chappal are made in north India. Retail shop owners are purchasing this product from the whole seller. If you start manufacturing in our town or city. You can supply your product for a cheaper price to the retail shops. For example, for each pair Chappal, you can earn up to Rs.50 / Pair. When selling a good quality product with a low cost means most shop owner will buy your product without any hesitation. When sustaining the same quality you can get more orders.

Manufacturing Process

This business can start with a small investment of Rs.50000 when following the below steps.

  1. Buy the readymade sole while choosing you have chosen the design which people like most
  2. Buy the Chappal strap as per the sole design
  3. Buy a strap holing machine price is Rs.8000/- in indiamart website and strap holing machine used to make a hole in sole to insert the strap.

Machine Link:

  1. Buy a strap fitting machine and the cost of the machine Rs.6,500/- which is used to insert the strap to the sole easily if we didn’t use the machine. It’s hard to insert the strap to the sole

Machine Link:

Marketing Strategy

  1. Identify the Chappal retail shops who are buying from the whole seller and explain about your pricing and product details. If your price is cheaper than the whole seller defiantly they will buy your product. Because they are buying the product from the whole seller so you can penetrate into the market as a manufacturer and sell your product with low cost
  2. Share in a Facebook group or create the advertisement or make YouTube video about your company, products, cost when people see those videos they can approach you to get those products and the main benefit the social media you can reach the target audience.
  3. Sell in e-commerce websites link Flipkart / Amazon for that you have to create a seller account at first and then list down your products in initial stage you will have struggle and people got liking your product they will give a 5-star rating. When product quality is good most people buy your product then the product review by the customer is good.
  4. Sell to near local shops/supermarkets by making a deal with the owner for the shop. so they can earn a profit also.

Manufacturing Cost

(This calculation based on a good quality product the cost depends upon the material quality)

  1. Sole price/pair is – Rs.25
  2. Strap Price/pair is – Rs.13
  3. Transport / electricity / labour / overhead cost / pair is – Rs.7
  4. Total Manufacturing cost will be around – Rs.50

Profit Details

This calculation based on the good quality product the cost depends upon the material quality)

  1. Selling price/pair – Rs.100
  2. Selling price – manufacturing cost = 100-50 = Rs.50/ profit / pair
  3. If you sell 1000 pairs means = 1000*50 = Rs.50000 profit / month
  4. If you sell 2000 pairs means = 2000*50 = Rs.100000 profit / month