Business Idea | Camphor Manufacturing Business


The camphor tablet having demand in the market because in every temple in India they were using the camphor tablet used to worship the Lord.

And also the profit will more when compared to other businesses because of the due high demand of this tablet the sales also very high.

Raw Material:-

To start this business is camphor powder which you can get in the indiamart website and the link is given below

Camphor powder purchase link:

Machinery required:

To start this business is camphor tablet making machine which will convert the powder to tablet with a simple mechanism and the machine link is given below

Camphor tablet making machine link :

Profit Details:- (Approx)

  1. 1 Kgs of camphor powder price will be around – Rs.400 / kgs
  2. 1 Kg production cost will be around – Rs.30 including labor and electricity
  3. Total Production cost will around – Rs 430 / kgs
  4. Selling cost / kgs – Rs.500
  5. Profit / kgs – Rs.80
  6. Production based profit calculation – 40 kgs x profit/kgs = 3200 / kgs