Business Idea | UV Mobile backcase Printing Business idea


Here, comes with a new business idea of mobile back case printing using UV  flatbed printer.

UV mobile back case printing business is the most trending, innovative and profitable business. Additionally, any individual can start this business.

Why is UV mobile backcase printing business profitable?

The usage of smartphone is increasing very fast globally. Back case is an ancillary product of mobile. People wish to have a unique back case cover. So can expect huge demand for UV digital back case printing business.

Required manpower and skill is less than sublimation mobile back case printing. The method of printing also easier than it.

Required Raw material and Machine type and details

  1. Commercial machine type – can print up to 50 back cases at a time
  2. Small machine type – can print up to 6 back cases at a time
  3. To know the machine details, check the website link –

Printing process:

  • Place the mobile back cover on the machine at a given place.
  • Load the file of design through given software.
  • And go for printing the mobile case. After printing machine will be stopped. Can print any of designs easily.

Where to sell:

Furthermore, can promote this product from both offline online options.

  • There will be more profit when we prefer to sell through a website. Can sell at a high price range on a website. To create a website and sell through it easily.
  • Apart from an online, sell as wholesale to offline shops.

Profit details:

You can get a profit of Rs. 5,000/- to Rs.10.000/- per day. The details are,

  • Plain backcase – Rs.20
  • Printing cost will be Rs.5
  • Total cost – Rs.25
  • Online selling profit – Rs.100/- ( if sell 50 cases per day, profit will be 50X100 = Rs.5000/-)
  • Wholesale profit- Rs.10/-
  • Retail sale profit-Rs.15/-

So, if you sell mobile backcase through online, you will get a huge profit.