Business Idea | Tyre Recycling business


Here, comes with a unique business idea which gives more profit through recycling. Millions of used tires provide a continuous source of supply to the tire recycling business. There is a demand for any recycling business and so the tire recycling business requires reasonable capital and highly profitable business. There are many types of tire recycling business and it has more steps.

Where to buy the used tires

  • Puncture shop
  • Tire selling shop
  • Transport company

Can purchase the tire for Rs.3-4/ kg. In the transport company that are four wheeler companies, there is a stock of used tire where you can buy the used tire for low cost

Types of business and process

There are two kinds of business in the tire recycling business. We can do on a simple level or a big level. Profit varies based on the type of business. Machine also available for both types. One type of business is making tire slices and another one is can make the product using tires

How to make shredded tire

This is kind of simple business type than anyone can do. After purchasing used tiers you have to cut into the small pieces using the machine

  • Tire contains steel wires. So first, remove the 20 percentage of steel wire from the tire which also can be sold
  • Cut the tire in rope shape in the gap of two inches and collect it
  • Feed the cut rope shape tires into the machine which cuts the tire into small pieces

These tire slices are the end product of one of the tire recycled businesses

How to make a product using tire

This is the kind of big level business type. The raw material for this business tire slices. Can make more product using cut tire pieces using the machine. You can get a huge amount of profit from this type of business based on innovation of product and number of manufacturing products.

Sales of Steel Wires

Collect and store the segregated steel wires till it comes up to the level and can be sold to the recycling company which gives a huge amount of profit.

Machine details

machine available for both small and large type a product level type. Decide the type you are going to do and purchase the machine based on that. To know more details about the machine, check the below link

Where to sell and where it’s used

  • Fuels for a cement factory, paper factory, steel factory – tires play as an alternative fuel in industries where manufactured products using high temperature and needs in more fuel.
  • Civil engineering projects –recycled tires are a major role in civil engineering projects due to cost economical compared to others
  • Used in cover material and floor mats for Playgrounds, kinder gardens, gyms which are manufactured using tires
  • Rubber products manufacturing – can manufacture chairs, tables using these rubbers. Cut the tires for required sizes and after manufacturing product, polish it. Can make a new product easily with low cost.

How to do this business

Before going to do this business, make better research about the business and decide the product which has more demand and goes for the business.

  • Purchase the machine based on the product.
  • Make a tire recycling plant.
  • Purchase the tires from above-discussed shops
  • Sell the products in factories and be a regular supplier

Profit details:

  • Buy old tire for Rs. 3-4 / kg
  • Sell as small pieces for 10 – 12 /kg
  • Profit will be Rs.7-8 / kg

Profit based on no. of products you sell.