Business idea | Tissue Paper Making Business Idea


Here, we are going to see about the tissue paper making business along with the steps to start and how to do this business.

Tissue paper making business is the best idea to start a profitable small scale business. Tissue paper is a hugely consumable product on a daily basis. It has become important in urban life and these tissue papers are used more in corporate life.

Tissue paper making business is the most trending business which has huge returns with less investment due to it has become like peoples basic need. Its usage is not only restricted to homes, Restaurants, and hotels but most every place.

Required Raw materials and  details:

  • Huge type of paper roll – can buy in INDIAMART website also from the offline supplier. Cost of the raw material is based on quality.
  • Average quality – 50 Rs/ kg and Good quality – 60 Rs/ kg . prefer the good quality material because of the retention of the customers is high and you can increase the sales thereby profit and withstand the customers.
  • Tissue papermaking machine – can buy in INDIAMART website. There are many types of machine and you can purchase the machine based on the requirement. Price may vary based on machine type and product type. Machine cost approx. Rs.551000/-

To know the machine details check the below link:

To operate the machine, you should have the proper skill.

Choose your product:

    Tissue papers are widely used in many ways. Each type of tissue papers has more demand. So first choose your product which you are going to make and sell. The different types of products are

  • Facial Tissues
  • Toilet tissue paper
  • Tissue Napkins
  • Tissue towels

Get training to acquire practical skills:

To start this business you should have some skills. To acquire the skills and to operate a tissue paper making unit you should have the practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

  • You may work in the same type of factory to get practical and technical knowledge about it
  • It would be great if you can arrange for training by the experts in this field.
  • Alternatively, you may visit the factories and study the actual working procedure.

Required skills:

  • Accounts
  • Marketing
  • Supervising and others

Among those skills, Marketing skills play a major role and importance in this business to increase more customers and sales by the way of explaining about the product.


  To start this business, the required investment is

  • For buying the machine – Rs.5,51,000/-
  • Rental building advance – Rs.1,00,000/-
  • Rent – Rs.15000/-
  • Labour cost/ month – Rs.17,000/- (for two labours)
  • Total cost – Rs.6,83,000/-

How to do this business:

  • At first, you should be ready with investment and they should have the required skills.
  • Find the manufacturing area and buy the machine and fit into the place
  • Make a product with properly skilled labors
  • Maintain the machine with the proper operating method and proper cleaning
  • After making the product, pack it hygienically and properly. For one pack it may have 130 to 135 pcs.
  • And very important is selling the products. You can sell the product at restaurants an in hotels in huge volume and also in the stores, homes etc.
  • Make more customers by selling the quality product and be on time to supply the tissue papers and fulfill the customer’s demand

Profit details:

You can get a profit of Rs. 40,000/- to Rs.50.000/-. The details are,

  • Manufacturing cost – 41 paise
  • Selling cost – 75 paise
  • Profit / pcs -34 paise
  • Tissue / pack – 131 pcs
  • Total profit / pack -44.54 Rs/-
  • If you are selling 1000 packs – 44540 Rs/-

According to your marketing skill, you can increase profit.