Business idea | Tender coconut business


It is one of the businesses which is more suitable for farmers and rural area people. Tender coconut business is more demand in both rural and city area. To start this business, You should know how will get profit from this business, how to create a brand and how to do this business professionally. So here, you can get a clear idea about all of this business

Since the tender coconut is very good to health So the Importance of tender coconut will never fade at anywhere and at any time due to its properties and nowadays, people prefer tender coconut instead of soft drinks. So this is the most demanded business and best suitable for small scale business people.

Where to buy the machine and details:

The machine is available at indiamart website. To see the machine availability check the below link,


  1. Cost of the machine is 30,000 Rs/-
  2. The capacity of the machine is 100 coconuts.

Where and how to buy a tender coconut:

If you have own coconut trees, it will be more profitable and no investment in buying a tender coconut. So for who does not have, Create a contract with the people who have the land with coconut trees. Contract cost will be the average of   Rs.60000/-   for one acre. And it is based on the trees with a number of coconuts and size of the tender coconuts. Make a contract for 100 trees.

Cost of a coconut :

  • For 1 year, 1 tree will give 100 coconuts ( you should maintain the trees as in agricultural aspects)
  • 100 coconut x 100 trees will give 10,000 coconuts for 1 year
  • Contract cost for 1 year is 60000 Rs/- (60,000Rs / 10,000 coconut) So, the cost of a coconut is Rs.6/-
  • Transport and labor charges will be the Rs.4/-
  • The total cost of coconut will be Rs.10/-

How to create a brand

The brand is an identity for any kind of business. Create a brand name for your coconut selling the business to differentiate from others. You need to approach professionally to create the brand by the way of being branded. Reputation plays a major role in any kind of brand and business.

How to approach the business

Make sure about knowing to operate the machine and select a place where people movements are high ( near the office, colleges, bus stand etc.,). Make five and more stalls in different places. Get orders from functions and start to sell at fresh juice shops which is a great idea to increase sales due to people’s present more high at juice shop than tender coconut shop.

Profit details

  • As early said, one coconut cost will be Rs.10/-
  • Selling cost will be Rs.25 – 30 /-( depends upon size)
  • Profit for one coconut will be Rs.15-20/-
  • If you are selling 50 coconuts, you will get a profit of Rs.750/- ( 50 coco X 15)
  • If you are selling 100 coconuts, you will get a profit of Rs.1500/- (100 coco X 15Rs)
  • Increase sales of tender coconuts to get more profit by the way of increasing shops.