Business Idea | T-Shirt Printing Business


       T-Shirt printing business is the most innovative and popular business. This kind of business is very suitable for an entrepreneur and the people who are interested in a creative kind of business and also the small scale business people.

The T-shirt is casual wear and has been accepted for both men and women. An also the people are looking for printing their favorite stars, celebrities, and favorite pictures and quotes. People also use customized t-shirts in college and other events, it is also used as a gift to someone.

Nowadays there is a huge demand for this kind of business. Before going to start this business, make sure that you are some knowledge about the clothing industry. Get an understanding of how this business works.

Raw material required for this business:

  • Plain T-shirt ( buy in a wholesale shop and buy for 60 – 80 RS/-)and rate differs based on the quality of the fabric.
  • Sublimation paper(A4 100 sheet – 280 Rs/-)
  • Sublimation ink (100 ml – 280 Rs/-)
  • Epson Paper printer( Cost is 16000 Rs/-)
  • T-shirt Printing machine

To buy a sublimation paper and ink contact zero points. Ph:9446000248

Machine details

The T-shirt printing machine is available at the Indiamart website. And to buy this machine check the below link


There are many ways and methods to print the fabric. This is the easiest method and in low investment.

  • Make the quality design which brings the reputation on your product
  • Find out the recent trends which are doing good business at present.

How to print?

  • At first, you select the picture or the content whatever you want to be printed.
  • Download the design and print the same. If it is picture already available, you can print it directly via the printer
  • Use sublimation paper and sublimation ink to print the design
  • Place the paper on the t-shirt where you want to print the design
  • Finally, print the design on a t-shirt by using a t-shirt printing machine which can be easily handled.
  • The things you want to be considered while printing is to maintain temperature and time to print. These things are very important in quality aspects. It may vary for fabric to fabric and depth of design. So be knowledgeable about it before starting to print.

Quality of design and t-shirt plays a major role in marketing. The degree of success of the t-shirt business will depend on the quality of the design you create.

Where we can sell T-shirts :

  • Theater
  • Political parties
  • Game events
  • College and functions
  • If any new film to be released can print the hero’s poster as a design on a t-shirt. You need to make an agreement with the owner of the theater to sell the t-shirts by the way of sharing the amount per t-shirt. You should make an agreement with three or more theaters. So you can definitely sell approximately 500 to 600 t-shirts.
  • And the same way you can sell at political parties and game events
  • For the children, you print the cartoon designs which will be attracted.
  • Can print individual design as customers need. And based on functions, specific days you design the more t-shirts and sell

Profit details:

  • We can earn profit from Min Rs.35000/ month and Max. 70000/ month
  • Buy a plain T-shirt for 60 – 80 Rs/- wholesale price (Buy at Tirupur Anuparpalayam/ Kadharpet )
  • Printing cost – 10 Rs/-
  • Sell for Rs 150 – 200 /-
  • Can get profit Rs.70/ T-shirt, if you sell 500 t-shirts/month
  • 500 t-shirts X  70 rs = 35000 Rs/-
  • 1000 t-shirts X  70 rs = 70000 Rs/-

Though you need to share the amount, you can get profit as 50000 rs/- if you sell 1000 t-shirt. To get more Profit in this Business, we should increase Sales. To withstand and develop the business, design, and product should be quality