Business idea | RO Water Plant Business idea


RO Water business is the most profitable and high demand business. Because nowadays the environment is getting more polluted which leads to water pollution and not to get pure water.  Pure water is more essential and so people demand the same. This business is one of the most popular businesses that anyone can do.

An article from Times of India well explained about the growth rate of bottled water is at 19% a year by year

RO Water Machine details:

         It means Reverse Osmosis. RO water machine can automatically convert Normal water into Pure (RO) water

We can buy the RO water machine at Indiamart website and buy this machine link:

  • Machine price details – Rs. 1.05 lakh
  • Machine capacity/ hr – 500 liters – 1000 liters
  • Machine type – Automatic machine

Ro water business is the opportunity that gives you to generate more income.

How much can we get a profit?

We can get profit Min- Rs.60, 000 / machine / month and Max- Rs. 1, 20,000/machine/month

  • 20 liter Selling price – 40.00 Rs
  • Production cost – 20.00 Rs
  • Profit/Jar – 20.00 Rs
  • If you sell 100 bottle / month – 100bottles X 30 days X 20 = 60,000 Rs
  • If you sell 200 bottle / month – 200 bottles X 30 days X 20 = 1, 20,000 Rs

To get more Profit in this Business, we should increase the Sales

                 You can increase the sales by connecting people nearby you thereby increase the customers. And you can sell at

  • Home near your area
  • Office &Companies
  • Functions
  • Apartments
  • Stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants
  • And connecting people by reference to customer
  • More Sales = More Profit  

Where to Start this business:

Basically, there are many different ways that you can do this business. Can start this business where the demand is high as well as the place where the people are not very aware of the need for pure water. So it very easy thing to explain the essence of pure water

  • Find the manufacturing area and buy the machine and fit into the place
  • Buy the empty can from wholesale and make an identity as a brand name for the business to differentiate from others
  • Find a customer within your circle and then connect more customers through them or
  • Promote your business in brand name by sticking notices near companies/ offices/ apartments etc. where the demand is high
  • The machine converts the normal water into pure water through the  mechanism of Reverse osmosis and transfers into bottles
  • Make sure that after transferring into bottles it should be clean till it reaches customers
  • After confirming the order from customers accordingly, you plan and based on supply the bottles nearby near so you can reduce some transportation charges
  • And In some cases, the customer will bring the empty bottles to your store and fill them with the purified water
  • It is kind of routine business so make sure that you should be always contacted with the customers.
  • Be on time to supply the water and fulfill the customer demand
  • Make a reputation on your brand to develop the business.