Business Idea | Plastic bottle recycling business


Plastic recycling business is the most profitable and most demand business. Recycling of plastic bottles provides a huge business opportunity. Plastic plays a major role in our lives so the demand is high. Many of the industries use recycling plastics for their packaging and other purposes. The usage of plastic has kept on rising day by day. Can reduce the wastage of plastics by recycling. The best way to REDUCE plastic waste is to RECYCLE it and REUSE as useful products.

Here, let’s see how to get a profit of Rs.3000 to 20,000 per day using plastic bottles

Manufacturing products using plastic bottles

More products can be manufactured through recycled plastics by converting into chips by machine. The products are like

  • Bottles
  • Clothing
  • Winter jacket
  • Automotive parts used in four or two-wheelers
  • Ropes
  • Electrical items and etc.

Where to collect the bottles

In this business, purchasing plastic bottles will be more challenge than selling. You have to purchase plastic bottles from more no of suppliers to manufacture a huge amount of plastic chips. Some of the ways mentioned below to purchase the bottles. so, make more contact with more suppliers. Make the target for a week and purchase the bottles.

  • Scarp yard
  • Garbage collector – you can easily purchase from garbage collector for low cost
  • From restaurants – can purchase a huge amount of bottles.
  • Malls and theaters

Converting plastic bottles into chips

After collecting bottles, make into the chips by using the machine. can buy the machine online or at other shops. Machine cost will be around 50 thousand rupees

Machine Link :

There are two types of bottles.

  1. Transparent PET bottles.
  2. colored bottles. based on this profit may vary.

How to do this business

  • Find the manufacturing area and buy the machine and fit into the place
  • Purchase the plastic bottles. segregate them as colored bottles and transparent bottles and store them separately
  • Convert the PET bottles into chips using a machine.
  • After confirming the order from buyers accordingly, you plan and based on supply the recycled plastics nearby near so you can reduce some transportation charges if you are but at industries. Find more buyers online.
  • It is kind of routine business so make sure that you should be always contacted with the suppliers and buyers
  • Make a reputation on your product to develop the business

Where and how to sell the product

You can sell at industries where plastic parts manufactured. And another way is to find the contacts online. more no of buyers are there for buying the chips. Google PET SCRAP BUYERS and find the EXPORTERS INDIA website. There are a wide variety of buyers and check them to get orders.

Profit details:

For transparent bottle

  • Buy PET bottle for Rs. 15 – 20/ kg
  • Selling cost will be up to Rs. 50 / kg
  • Direct profit without other costs will be Rs.30 / kg
  • Other costs (labor, Transport, rent) will be Rs. 10/ kg
  • So net profit (Rs. 30 – 10) is 20 Rs/kg
  • If you produce 100 kgs- (100kg X 20 Rs) – Rs.2000/-
  • If you produce 1000 kgs- (1000kg X 20 Rs) – Rs.20000/-

In this business, Purchasing the bottles will be challenging and thereby profit varies