Business idea | Paper Bag Manufacturing Business


Here, let’s see about how to get profit Rs.90000/- per month through paper bag making business.

Why do you choose this business

Its perfect time to step into the paper bag making business because of banned from using plastic bags. And many people prefer to go green. Paper bags are eco-friendly, user-friendly and fashionable too. The demand for paper bags increased day by day as it is cheap in rate. It can be reused frequently and so safe for our environment due to biodegradable.

As business aspects, It is the most popular and long lasting business. Paper bag making business is the best idea to start a  profitable small scale business.

Raw material

Here, we are going to use KRAFT PAPER to produce paper bags.

Kraft paper is available in the market as a wide variety of thickness. you can purchase based on the thickness of the end product. You can purchase the kraft paper at a paper manufacturing factory in Bangalore and Chennai

Raw material cost

Cost of kraft paper differs based on quality. Average quality – 30 Rs/ kg and Good quality – 50 Rs/ kg . prefer the good quality material because of the retention of the customers is high and you can increase the sales thereby profit and withstand the customers

Machine details

Paper bag manufacturing machine has two types. Plain type of machine and printing type. Plain type of machine produces bags without any design where printing type machine automatically prints on paper based on the design you feed.

You can purchase the machine in online

How to make paper bags

Before going to start this business get some required knowledge about this machine and making procedure.

First, feed the paper roll into the machine and it is folded automatically by the roller. Glue is applied and the bag has been produced automatically. And you can change the sizes as your requirement manually

As earlier discussed machine types, you can choose the printed type or plain type of machine. After producing plain bags you need to print the logo or the brand name on this bag. Printed bags are too fashionable and preferred by the customer.

Types of paper bags

Some of the areas where paper bags are used. The types are

  • Shopping bags
  • Carry bags at a small shop
  • Party bags
  • Bags for medical use and food items
  • Textile shops and others

And sizes may vary based on usage of bags

How to reach customers

In any kind of business, the very important stage is selling the product at the margin level and reaching the customers. Focus on producing quality bags because paper bags will tear easily.

You can sell a paper bag shop as wholesale for regular. And you could become as a supplier for individual shops by supplying quality bags with their brand name and shop details where you get profit high.

Profit details: (For the small size of bag)

  1. In one kg paper roll, you can be produced 50 bags.
  2. Profit/ Kg – Rs.15 to 20 /-
  3. Profit/day – Rs.3000/- (if you produced 10000 bags)
  4. You can convert 200 kgs of paper into paper bags per day.
  5. Machine capacity per hour is 1000 bags.
  6. So for ten hours, you can produce 10000 paper bags.

More production and high-quality results in high profit.