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HDPE Geomembrane sheet

Product Description

Thickness – As Per Requirement Of Customers
Size – As Per Pond Size
Application – Fish Pond, Agriculture Pond
Color – Black
Elongation – High
Brand – J K Geomembrane
Minimum Order Quantity – 1000 Square Meter

We are manufacturer and supplier of High Quality, High Strength Geomembrane Sheet / Pond Liners. The Geomembrane Sheets are available in thickness of 250, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 micron. Our infrastructure, technology and trained have given great confidence in supplying and lying of Geomembrane Sheet.

Water reservation has become an important subject and Geomembrane sheet holds a significant importance in the process. With use of right technology, our farmers can do maximum utilization of natural water and increase the productivity. We feel very fortunate to be part of growth in Agriculture field.

Application of Geomembrane Sheet:

· Pond for Agriculture purposes

· Canal Lining

· Aqua marine Lining (Development of Fish, Prawns, Algae etc)

· Oil / Gas Industrial lining (Soil Pollution prevention)

· Tank Lining and Solar Pond Lining (Waste Water Treatment)

· Industrial Geomembrane Lining

· Biomedical waste Dump Yard

· Road Block Sheet

· Construction Concrete Lining

· Decorative Pond Lining (Farm house)


· Resistant to UV rays

· High strength

· Ability to withstand in any weather condition

Delivery Time : 7 to 10 Days

Price – Rs.80/

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