Automatic Roti Making Machine | Business idea


Rotimatic is a robotic roti maker manufactured by Zimplistic. It is the world’s first and fully automatic flatbread maker that makes rotis, chapatis, puris, pizza bases, and tortillas in under 90 seconds. Equipped with AI and IoT technology, it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and automatic upgrading to enable seamless cooking. Users can just add the ingredients into this roti maker machine and bake rotis within minutes. Rotimatic is aimed at reducing cooking time and making healthy living easier. It uses cutting-edge technology to make the process of making rotis and puris simplified. Rotimatic has quickly become an indispensable part of the modern kitchen, with media publications and customers calling it a revolutionary and the best roti maker in their reviews. Rotimatic is a dream Indian roti maker that has come true for people around the globe. As of 2018, it has served over 45 million healthy and hot rotis worldwide. Now comes with 2 years base warranty from Zimplistic – the manufacturer of Rotimatic.

Features & details

  • World’s first fully automatic flatbread making robot. From dry flour to a fully puffed roti in 90 secs.
  • Built-in AI technology that allows Rotimatic to automatically measure, dispense, mix and knead – one perfect dough ball at a time.
  • One perfect roti every 90 seconds! Take 6 mins to warm-up after you first start the Rotimatic.
  • Customize to your taste – allows you to adjust the thickness, roast and oil level for every flatbread. Makes rotis, puris, pizza base and masala rotis.

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