Automatic Pizza Making Machine | Business idea


Study steel cabinet, secure door; Custom graphics and branding are an available option.

After payment is made,the delicious pizza will come out within 3 minutes.

Real-time feedback the condition of material and machine to backstage service system.

Fault Diagnosis-The machine can diagnose itself automatically. And the diagnosis results will be delivered promptly to the operator.This facilitates day-to-day maintenance.

Single (S) or Double (D) Spiral Available and Flexible Trays, the Spiral also can be customized.

Safety-The use of explosion-proof tempered glass, steel cabinets and multiple anti-theft designs, to ensure the security of the commodity, currency and equipment.

Refrigeration unit R134a, easy ex-tractable.

Easy and fast one-key operation.

Anti-theft device placed on the delivery door.

Micro-computer to control and detect the malfunction.

Easy to get the vending situation and statistics.

Burglar proof design with strong tempered glass to make sure the security of the machine.

Easy to use customer interface with LED display.

Large lighted product display window.

Re-configurable product selection spacing for variable package size.

choices are virtually endless with this snacks and drinks vending machine.

GPRS monitoring system optional (Additional Charges).

Machine with 42 touch screen.

Application occasions:Public occasions,such as Bus/train station,Airport,Shopping mall,Squares,Commercial building and so on.


It should be clean after finished work.
For safety,the power switches of motor should be higher than machine,and keep a Certain distance.

It’s replaceable when the pluck-er finger broken.

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