Automatic Dosa Making Machine Dosamatic | Business idea

DosaMatic is the world’s first commercial fully automatic table top dosa making machine.
This machine makes any type of dosa like masala dosa, onion dosas, rava dosas, butter dosa, pav bhajji dosas etc just at the touch of a button.
Pan cakes, omelet, chilla and any form of crepe can also be made in the machine automatically. Technical features of the machine

Benefits of the machine1. No need to hire a skilled chef

Hiring a chef and retaining a chef in a kitchen is a very difficult task these days. The chef is prone to producing the same result consistently, and comes with his own baggage. The chefs are also getting very difficult to find, expensive and hard to work with. The biggest problem comes to a food outlet when the chef leaves the work, and finding replacement is very difficult. Using DosaMatic you will never be required to have a chef. All you need a un-skilled person who just needs to press the button in DosaMatic. The same operator can also operate the coffee machine, handle cash at the outlet, interact with clients & make dosas! To train a person to operate DosaMatic does not take more than 2 hours, and any one can be easily trained.

2. Quality

As the owner of a food outlet you would always want to expand and serve more, that would mean maintaining the same quality of food and taste would be challenging. There are reasons beyond your control as you have to deal with a variety of factors. But using DosaMatic your dosa quality will be same at any outlets. The machine locks the settings and cannot be changed unless the operator uses a password. Hence the quality of dosa served at an outlet in USA would be the same quality of the dosa served in your Indian outlet. DosaMatic helps maintain quality of dosas.

3. Profit centre

The biggest benefit of all is the profit that DosaMatic brings to you. The machine pays for itself in just 6 months. You don’t have to block huge amounts of space when you use DosaMatic, it can be kept on a small table/counter and does not produce harmful smoke and heat. You can get upwards of INR 1 lakh business a month by just selling a few dosas every day. This means more revenue to you.

Warranty & Free service

The easiest machine to use in your kitchen would be DosaMatic. With easy to install and operate features the machine has interactive screens, simple to understand controls and runs smoothly. The machine can run continuously for 14 hours without a hitch.

We provide 1 year free warranty on the machine. A free one time onsite installation is provided for customer in India. Skype support is provided to out of India customers. The company has many service locations in India, and if there is a problem a service engineer is always close by to assist you. International customer too gets spares free with the machine and easy to understand youtube video tutorials are provided to troubleshoot and operate the machine easily.

Machine Cost : 1,28,000/-

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