Business Idea | Aluminium Foil Container Manufacturing Business


The aluminum foil manufacturing business is the most trending and profitable business because most of the states have banned plastic bags.

Because our country tries to avoid the plastic products to maintain the eco-friendly environment nowadays the water, air and soil were polluted by these plastics. because plastic will not decompose.

So the aluminum container product was used to pack the food product which was mostly used in the hotels and used in stores for packing other materials also.

Marketing strategy

As per the machine productivity we have to target the customer. you can sell this product to retail and wholesalers.


If we sell in retails shops we can more profit than the whole selling because we are targeting end users if we find the end users means we can avoid the whole seller so you get more margin for your products.

To retail our product we have to appoint a well-qualified person for marketing so that person will do marketing for your products.

b.Whole selling

The big benefit when wholesale the product means they do marketing you don’t want to worry about how to market your product but the margin you will get it will be low

Raw material required

  1. Aluminum foil roll and cost will be 50 -60 Rs

Foil Roll Link:

Machinery details

Below mention machinery, you take it for reference to the calculate estimate investment required to start this business and also we have to consider the capacity of the machine while purchasing because depending upon the manufacturer the price will vary before buying this we need to get the catalog to verify the productivity of the and also maintenance cost . I suggest you pick low maintenance high productivity machine

  1. Cost of the machine will be 5 lakh to 8 Lakh

Machine Link:

  1. Production / hour – 5000 Pcs / Hr

Consumption / Pcs :- (Approx)

The below consumption per container was made to 250 ml container only it will vary according to the capacity of the container. Depending upon the capacity of the container the consumption also varies and the retail price also varies.

  1. One 250 ml Foil container weight – 6 to 8 gms
  2. Wastage will be around 20% – 2 gms
  3. Total Weight of 250 ml foil container will be around 10 gms
  4. From one kg of foil roll, we can produce 100 container

Profit Details

The profit details only based on machine productivity which not the actual profit we can convert this into profiting while we n=increase the sales. When we have the customer as per your productivity we can achieve this below profit.

  1. From 1 Kg aluminum foil roll, we can produce 100 containers
  2. 1 kgs roll price will be – 50.Rs
  3. So 50.Rs / 100 Container = 0.50 Paisa / container
  4. 30% other cost = 0.15 Paisa
  5. So total production cost will be = 0.50+0.15 = 0.65 Paisa / container
  6. Wholesale price will be = 0.80 Paisa
  7. For Example = 40000 pcs x 0.15 paisa = 6000.Rs / day