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This is the most innovative and profitable business idea. Because these days almost every person using the smartphones they want to protect their phone as well as they need the new design in the back case.

How can we sell our products:


We can sell your product in an online store like Flipkart, Amazon for that we have to register as a seller in those websites and then we have listed down our product category. So the consumer can find your product make an order on it.

we get more and more business when your products having a good rating because they will buy a product only after seeing the rating of your products. So always diver a good quality product to the customers so they can give you 5-star rating if have more 5-star rating the more customer will buy your product or else you cannot sell the product.

we have manufacture the products after receiving the orders. so we can avoid the unwanted loss.

Offline stores:

You can sell the products of mobile shops for that you need more contacts. For that, you create promotional videos on youtube so the buyer can contact you for the product and also you need to appoint the marketing executive to sell your products so he can go various mobile shops get orders from those mobiles.

Sale to wholesale shops;

In bulk, you can sale to whole seller shops but the main drawback is you get more profit still you can make a profit because we have can sale huge in quantity.

Knowledge required:

  • You have work in photoshop for the lot offline and online training is available, so go through that and obtain the required skill
  • Need proper training to operate the sublimation machine for that while buying these machine get trained from the machine supplier itself.
  • Get proper knowledge about marketing. if you or not having that you cannot market your product.

Manufacturing method:

1. Prepare a design in Photoshop or download on the internet with high quality which should as per the required size

2. Print the design in the sublimation paper by using EPSON printer (by using sublimation ink)

3. Fix the printed paper in the back cases by using thermal tape with the back case mold

4. Place the prepared back case cover in the sublimation machine and set the required temperature in the machine

5. ON the machine and press the back case to avoid improper design fixation

6. After that allow the case to get back to room temperature

Step:7 – Remove the paper and the back case ready to back.

Machinery Requirement To Start This Business:-

Refer the below links for the machinery requirements.

  1. EPSON Printer:
  2. Sublimation Ink :

  1. Sublimation paper :

  1. Sublimation machine :

  1. Mobile cover :

  1. Mobile mold:

Profit Details: (Excluding manpower and Overhead cost)

  1. Manufacturing Cost + other cost – 50+ 25 = 75.Rs
  2. Selling Cost -250.Rs
  3. Profit per Case -175.Rs
  4. Profit % – 700%

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